Monday, January 15, 2007

IMPORTANT Message for this year's Hugo Voters!

Please read Patrick Nielsen Hayden's blog for full details on the nature of some major problems with this year's Hugo nominating ballot.

Here's what I've heard thus far: Although the Hugo Awards Administrator has yet to formally reply to the concerns, many people familiar with the process expect that the ballots will be revised and re-issued. My understanding is that voters may want to hold off casting ballots for a couple of weeks (at least) while the situation gets sorted out in the Editor and Best Professional Artist categories. If this remedy does in fact occur, I think it's a good thing. Although it's unfortunate that the errors occurred in the first place, it says good things about the process that they can be remedied, if such a solution does occur.

Right now, my understanding is that only LA Con IV members received the faulty ballots. Members of Nippon 2007 have not received their ballots yet. It's certainly not a panic situation, but for now, I guess we all need to wait before we cast our nominations. I'm glad I haven't submitted mine yet. If I hear any confirmed updates on this matter, I'll share them here.


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