Monday, July 21, 2014

Detcon Rock City

Way to go, Detcon -- you rocked. Congrats to Tammy Coxen, Helen Montgomery, Kim Kofmel, Anne Gray, Dave Gallaher, Murray Moore, Tim Miller, Don Wenzel, Evelyn Baker, Deb Geisler, Ben Yalow, Lisa Hertel, Steven Silver, Jesi Pershing, and all who worked so hard to make this a great weekend. Tricia Noble and team ran a smooth-running Art Show, and pictured here are two of my favorite guest liaisons ever -- Lisa Leutheuser and Joe Saul.

Lisa and Joe co-hosted a rolling Pirate Party that roamed the halls of the con hotel on Saturday night, and they even tied for a show prize for 'Best Party'. :)

Thanks to all who attended my programming items and bid for my artwork in the Art Show. A special shoutout goes to everyone who played Loteria on Friday and scored my new limited-run Loteria posters!

For many, many months in advance, hard-working people pour their hearts and souls into making a successful con like this one. It amazes me how much work it takes -- and then how fast it's all over.

It was an honor to be Artist Guest of Honor at this NASFiC, and Detroit -- with everything you've been through in recent years, and continue to endure -- you can be especially proud of how great and resurgent this NASFiC was.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Convention Exclusives Debuting at Detcon!

They're HERE -- and they're heading your way, Detcon!

I'm debuting two limited-run, special edition Loteria posters -- 'El Corazon' and 'La Luna', and they'll be convention exclusives at my appearances this summer. There are only 500 of each and they won't be available for purchase online.

Detcon -- you're getting first crack at these two posters, featuring art from my Loteria series. They measure 11" x 18", and are printed on thick cardstock -- only $10 each!

Where and when you can get them this weekend:


* 2pm / Loteria! with John Picacio
(Nicolet B)

Multiple rounds of the traditional game of chance, Loteria, hosted by John Picacio, featuring cool book and art prizes for the winners.

Loteria posters will be first available for sale after this event ends, most likely outside of Nicolet B until approximately 3:10pm.

* 8pm to 10pm / Mass Autographing
(Ambassador Salons 1 and 2, 3rd Floor)

Your second chance to score Loteria posters, available at my signing table


12pm to 2pm / Autographing
(Ontario Exhibit Hall (Exact table location TBD))

2pm / Kaffeeklatsch with John Picacio
(Kaffeeklatsch 1)

Last chances to score Loteria posters at Detcon!

After that -- San Diego Comic Con -- I'll have some coming to you. More details later on that.

Here's my full Detcon programming schedule! Can't wait. :)


* 4pm / Richard Powers, SF's Master Surrealist
(Makinac East)

* 8pm / Opening Ceremonies
(Ambassador Salon 1)


* 10am / Art of A Song of Ice and Fire
(Ambassador Salon 1)

* 12pm / Future of Art and Artists in SF/F
(Ambassador Salon 1)

* 2pm / Loteria! with John Picacio
(Nicolet B)

* 6pm / Who Is That Artist?
(Nicolet B)

* 8pm / Mass Autographing
(Ambassador Salons 1 and 2)


* 11am / The Art of John Picacio
(Ambassador Salon 1)

* 2pm / Kaffeeklatsch with John Picacio
(Kaffeeklatsch 1)

* 4pm / Good, Bad, Ugly -- SF/F Cover Art and Design
(Makinac East)


* 11am / Artique Roadshow
(Nicolet A)

* 2pm / Closing Ceremonies
(Ambassador Salon 1)

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 World Fantasy Award Nominee!

Heard the terrific news this morning via social media (thank you, Kimm Antell and Charles Tan). Wow -- grateful and honored to be a World Fantasy Award nominee for Artist, along with Galen DaraJulie DillonCharles Vess, and Zelda Devon!!

I'm grateful to the WF jury and voters for selecting my past year's labors as being amongst some of the very best books, works, and makers in fantasy.

I owe this honor to the work I did on Loteria in 2013. It's been a learning experience as I slowly evolve from the status of a creative, into a creator. The journey is ongoing, and it's filled with peril and challenge. I'm committed to this work, body and soul.

The first Loteria art was unveiled last year, via my Kickstarter campaign for the 2014 Calendar. This ongoing series will eventually be fifty-four new artworks inspired by Loteria -- the classic Mexican game of chance played much like Bingo. This is only the tip of an amazing rhizome that keeps surprising me, as the series unfolds, with more works to be unveiled before the end of this year.

Pictured here, clockwise from top left: the cover of my 2014 Calendar (featuring 'La Sirena'); the pencils for 'La Luna'; 'El Paraguas' and 'El Arpa', as seen on their limited-release Loteria Grande prototype cards.

Eventually, Loteria will be an official game, card deck, and so much more, but before any of that happens -- it will be a major book release. Right now, I'm shopping for the right publishing partner.

Of the completed Loteria works, 'La Sirena' has already scored a Chesley Award, and 'El Arpa' and 'La Luna' were recently announced as finalists for this year's Chesley Awards. I'm extremely grateful that these individual works are connecting so quickly with so many, and I think this World Fantasy nom is especially meaningful because it acknowledges the first glimpses of my creator-owned body of work.

To Julie, Zelda, Galen, and Charles -- huge congrats! Pictured here are works from all four of my fellow Artist nominees (clockwise from top left -- Galen Dara, Julie Dillon, Charles Vess, Zelda Devon):

There are so many friends and colleagues across the nominee list that I wish to congratulate, and there are almost too many to name without listing the whole nomination list. I have to give a huge shoutout to Irene Gallo though. As most know, she's Tor's queen of Art Direction, and the Associate Publisher of She's a tireless champion of art and artists. She pours herself into the field, and this is her first World Fantasy Award nomination. I'm really thrilled for her.

Back to work here for me. Again -- huge thanks to the World Fantasy Awards jury, and to the voters. I'll see you in Washington D.C. for the 40th World Fantasy Convention!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Loteria Posters!

Here are my two new limited-edition Loteria posters that will be debuting at Detcon1 and San Diego Comic Con this month!

"El Corazon" and "La Luna" measure 11" x 18", and are printed on thick cardstock. Each can be yours for only $10. There will only be 500 of these available, and they will NOT be for sale online for the foreseeable.

How do you get yours? Come see me at my signings + special events at the following conventions. First come, first serve!

Detcon1 / (Detroit, MI)

Poster Sale + Signing Locations and Times:

Friday, July 18 / After "Loteria! with John Picacio", which begins at 2pm / (Nicolet B)

Friday, July 18 / Mass Autographing / 8pm (Ambassador 1 & 2 / 3rd Floor)

Saturday, July 19 / After "The Art of John Picacio", which begins at 11am / (Signing Location TBD)

San Diego Comic Con

Poster Sale + Signing Locations and Times:

Saturday, July 26 / After "Spotlight on John Picacio", which begins at 1pm (Room 4) / I'll be signing in the Autograph Area in the Sails Pavilion after this panel.

Also available at my Special Guest table appearances throughout the weekend (schedule forthcoming)

Loncon3 / (London, UK)

Dragon Con / (Atlanta, GA)

Alamo City Comic Con (San Antonio, TX)

If you're not attending any of these events, my best suggestion is see if you have any friends that are, and ask them to purchase the items for you. I'll be posting updated details on each event, and the locations and times where I'll be signing and selling these.

More soon! :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

SFAL3 Pre-Show Print Sale!

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 hits Kansas City next week! For those of you that have never attended -- this is three days of sf/f art Woodstock.

Be there. Seriously. There's no event quite like this.

I'll be there again this year -- and I have a special offer for SFAL3 attendees.

Starting today, through Monday, May 5th -- SFAL3 attendees can pre-order ANY 17" x 22" archival print in my shop -- for only $55 each.

And yes, GAME OF THRONES fans -- this includes my A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE signed archival prints. Yes, that's a savings of over 50% from the online retail price on those -- and yes, this offer is ONLY for SFAL3 attendees.

Why do this?

Simple -- it's a win-win.

I save shipping, handling, and extra materials costs, since I'm not shipping lots of extra unsold prints to and from the show. I pass those savings to SFAL3 attendees, who score archival prints of my art at a bargain price.

How do you get yours if you're attending SFAL3? Easy.

1) Email me at john (at) johnpicacio (dot) com, and let me know which 17" x 22" prints you want reserved for you at SFAL3. Deadline for reserving is Monday, May 5th at 11:59pm CST. (DO NOT order through the webshop to score this special SFAL3 price.)

2) You pay at the show, when you pick up your prints. Or if you feel compelled, you can pay me via Paypal and I can give you those details via email.

3) Buyers are encouraged to bring their own protective sleeve or tube to the show. Prints at reduced price do not include protective bag or board.

4) All prints must be picked up and paid for at SFAL3. No mail orders allowed, for this special price.

5) And again -- this offer is only for attendees of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3, and only for a limited time.

Aside from the prints that you folks reserve -- I'll only be bringing a VERY small handful of prints to the show. Those prices will be higher than if you reserve yours in advance, and there's no guarantee the one you want will be there. So -- all aboard, SFAL3 attendees! Reserve your prints in advance, and save big money, while you can! :)

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Thank you, NWC 37!

Belated post here. It's been a crazy week after returning home from Norwescon 37 in Seattle. Thanks to all who were there and made it happen!

So much good to say and so few minutes, but highlights included:

• LOTERIA!! That was the biggest game of Loteria I've ever experienced! So much fun. Thanks to all who came out and played. Very cool to have Linda and Mike Moorcock show up too. You're next, Corecon!!

• THE ART OF ELRIC: Great times doing this with Mike Moorcock and Robert Gould. We could've filled twice the room, and twice the time allotted, and still had rubber to burn. So much amazing art over Elric's history, and I never get tired of hearing Mike's stories.

• TOURING THE EMP: Thank you to Jacob McMurray for taking the Moorcocks, Tara Smith, Pierce Watters, Berry Sizemore, and me on a VIP tour of the Experience Music Project Museum. Enjoyed being there to see Mike view Stormbringer enshrined for display for the first time, and witnessing his Hall of Fame plaque. The EMP is a world-class facility and I'm honored to have some of my work as a part of their "Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic" exhibit.

• THE 2014 HUGO AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT: Was happy to be present watching the live announcement from the UK, with a room full of people at Norwescon. Honored to be a 2014 Hugo nominee and again, huge congrats to all on the ballot!

Norwescon is one of my favorite cons, and the people that run it are terrific, and know what they're doing. It's a well-oiled machine. My hat's off to all of them!

Best of times with Lee Moyer, Venetia Charles, Brooks Peck, Robert Gould, Todd Lockwood, Leslie Howle, Rob and Peggy Stewart, Doug and Pat Booze, Jack Skillingstead, Nancy Kress, William Sadorus, Shawn & Katrina Marier, Stina Leicht, Kat Richardson, Spring Schoenhuth, Dave Gallaher, Michael Hanscom, Mike Selinker, Wolfgang Baur, Don Glover, Jeff Sturgeon, Ian Campbell, Duane Wilkins, Art Boulton, and so many more. This list could at least be four times as long.

Special thanks to Tara Smith and Pierce Watters, for being amazing.

It was a terrific con. I love Seattle. I love Norwescon, and thank you to all who always make me feel welcome there.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My Norwescon 37 Schedule

Here's where to find me at Norwescon.

1) For Game of Thrones fans:

I'll be presenting some behind-the-scenes on the making of my A Song of Ice and Fire artwork at "The Art of John Picacio". 1pm / Friday in Cascade 12.

2) For gaming fans:

Win books and art prizes while learning to play the super-fun game of Loteria (think Mexican Bingo). Everyone who attends scores a free Mexican Tarot card! 6pm / Friday in Evergreen 3 and 4.

3) For Michael Moorcock and Elric fans:

See an exclusive presentation of the best art from the history of Elric of Melnibone, with live commentary by Michael Moorcock, artist Robert Gould, and yours truly. 5pm / Saturday in Cascade 12.

Finally -- if you're attending the con, let me know which of my artworks you would like me to bring as prints for sale. I'm making those decisions this week (especially if there's a particular ASoIaF or Elric artwork you have in mind).

See you soon!