Sunday, March 18, 2007

Best Day Ever

I married the best girl in the world on a perfect blue sky day surrounded by the greatest friends and family any man could ask for. More photos soon.

Top: Traci and John Picacio, married March 17, 2007, San Antonio, TX

Middle: Friends at the wedding reception -- (l to r) Michael Moorcock; Rick Klaw; Chris Roberson; Georgia Roberson

Bottom: The Best of Times -- post-wedding celebration at me and Traci's favorite restaurant, Acenar, Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX, Saturday night, March 17, 2007 -- (l to r, clockwise) Allison Baker; Georgia Roberson; Chris Roberson; Lou Anders; Traci Picacio; John Picacio; Dena Lackey; Sean Lackey; Jess Nevins; Jude Feldman; Alan Beatts