Monday, August 25, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 Schedule!

Holy cats -- Loncon3 is barely done and it's already time to lift off for Dragon Con!

I'm a guest there this year, but I'm especially stoked to experience the full weekend because Worldcon and DC do not overlap for the first time in a few years. Awesome. :)

Let's do this, Atlanta. Here's where you can find me -- AND where you can score your limited-run Loteria posters. 

I've printed 500 posters each of my 'La Luna' and 'El Corazon' Loteria artwork, and supplies are dwindling, thanks to Detroit, San Diego, and London where I've appeared so far this summer. These posters are 11" x 18" and are printed on thick cardstock. They're $20 each and are not available online or via mail order. They're only available at my summer / fall road appearances.
So if you're coming to Dragon Con (or know someone who is), check out my schedule below for where and when to get 'em on Saturday, Sunday and Monday).


5:30pm • Hanover A-B (Hyatt)
A panel of pro artists debate the nitty-gritty of the business of art, with real-world advice given on how to make it as an artist.


11am to 12noon • The Missing Volume (Booth 328, 329, 330 / Level 2 / AmericasMart Yellow section)
* See map below for location (the red star marks the spot for The Missing Volume's booth)!


1pm • Vinings (Hyatt)
Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio will host several rounds of this fun, easy-to-learn, and fast-moving game of Mexican Bingo. Cool prizes awarded to the winners! (Limited number of Loteria posters will be available for sale here.)

All attendees who play Loteria on Sunday will receive a FREE giant Mexican Tarot card featuring art by me!

7pm • Hanover A-B (Hyatt)
A team of professional artists provides answers to questions about filling portfolios, finding art directors, and submitting work.


1pm to 2pm • The Missing Volume (Booth 328, 329, 330 / Level 2 / AmericasMart Yellow section)
* See map for location (the red star marks the spot for The Missing Volume's booth)!

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Good Times, Loncon3!

Wow. I'm three days from Dragon Con, and I haven't even summed up my final thoughts on Loncon3, the Hugos and everything that happened in London.

That's Art Life for you.....deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, and it's been nonstop since I returned home.

A few bulletpoints:

1) Great job by the Loncon3 team to assemble one of the best Worldcons in recent memory. Great job by Sara Felix, Colin Harris and team on one of the best art programming tracks I've ever experienced. Take a bow, folks. Well done!

2) Thank you to all who came to my programming and especially everyone who packed the room for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (nice job, Irene Gallo, Joe Abercrombie, Greg Manchess, and Maurizio Manzieri) -- and a big shout to ALL who came and played Loteria on Sunday. You showed up big time, London. I wasn't sure how Loteria would fare in the UK, and wow -- that was one of the most fun lightning rounds of Loteria I've ever done.

3) Thank you to all who scooped up the limited run Loteria posters I brought with me. That was the only time those will be available in Europe. Atlanta and San Antonio -- it's your turn soon!

4) Chris Foss -- I know you're a legend but it was a blast visiting with you and Imogene after-hours. It was a pleasure interviewing you onstage (that was a breeze), and man, I hope that's not the last time we cross paths. That was my first time interviewing someone on a big stage with big audience. So much fun. Best to you and Imogene -- holler anytime.

5) I did not get to spend enough time with the BWB this year (schedule was so manic), but the time that I did have was stellar as always. Met Elio and Linda for the first time (great people), and to Mr. X, Xray, Regina, Jo, Raya, Andi, Ben, Dave, and everyone -- you know where to find me. :)

6) So many good chats and visits including GRRM, Parris, Joe Abercrombie, Emanuele Vietina, Silvia Bernardi, Steve Saffel, Eddie Schneider, Joshua Bilmes, John Berlyne, Leigh Bardugo, Maurizio Manzieri, Dave McCarty, Rian Hughes, Colin Harris, Seanan McGuire, Liza Trombi, Paul Cornell, and I-know-I'm-forgetting-a-ton-of-folks-but-yeah-apologies-deadlines.

7) The Hugos: Happy for you, Julie Dillon! Congratulations, and congrats again to all of the Hugo Award winners and nominees. I won Best Professional Artist in 2012 and 2013, and while I intend to keep working and improving every year, it's VERY good for the award that it recognizes the full spectrum of what is happening in sf/f art, in any era. From 1980 to 2005, only four people won the award in the Best Professional Artist category. Since my first nomination in 2005, this category has seen five different winners, and a host of new names joining the nominee list. Well done, Julie!

8) And also, congrats to the Chesley Award winners this year!

Best of times, London. Thank you for everything. I'll see you down the road soon. :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Loncon Schedule + Loteria Posters In London

Here's where you can find me at the World Science Fiction Convention in London.

Also -- for all in attendance that are trying to score Loteria posters for yourselves, here's what you need to know:

1) I'll have a limited number of 'La Luna' and 'El Corazon' posters available directly from me, at selected signing appearances at this event. See below for those times (i.e., the events denoted, "LOTERIA POSTER SIGNING"). Posters will be first come, first serve.

2) Each poster's edition is limited to 500 and they're printed on thick cardstock.

3) Posters will be £12 for one, and £20 for both. Cash only, please. US Currency accepted too.

4) And this might be the most important note: these are not available via mail order. They're exclusive to my road appearances. So basically, London -- this is the only event where these will be available in Europe. If you're not attending Dragon Con or Alamo City Comic Con later this year in the US, then Loncon3 is your lone opportunity because these posters may be sold out once those two cons are done. Good luck, all!
On to the schedule!


The Art of John Picacio
Capital Suite 4
12pm to 1:30pm

Artist in Residence Table (LOTERIA POSTER SIGNING)
Art Show (see programme for exact table location)
3pm to 4:30pm

London Suite 5
5pm to 6pm

Chesley Awards + Reception
Capital Suite 9
7pm to 9:30pm


Artist in Residence Table (LOTERIA POSTER SIGNING)
Art Show (see programme for exact table location)
10am to 12noon

An Interview with Chris Foss
Second Stage
1:30pm to 3pm

Autographing Space
4:30pm to 6pm

The Art of Westeros
Capital Suite 7 + 12
6pm to 7pm


Art Demo Space
10am to 11:30am

Book Covers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
w/ Joe Abercrombie, Irene Gallo, Gregory Manchess, Maurizio Manzieri & John Picacio
Capital Suite 4
4:30pm to 5:15pm
(FYI: This item is being shortened to 45 minutes at the suggestion of the moderator, so that panelists and audience may have time to prep for the pre-Hugo Ceremony festivities, as needed)

Pre-Hugo Gathering and Photo Call
Quayside Bar and Cafe
6pm to 8pm

The Hugo Awards
8pm to 11pm

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Monday, August 04, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014

It's been a week since Comic Con and my schedule still hasn't recovered yet. Still cranking on deadlines here, but I promised some words and pics from the event -- here you go.

Thank you, SDCC International -- this was my first time as a Special Guest, and I'm not sure if I've ever worked harder at a Comic Con. It was tremendous fun, and an honor to do so. My thanks to everyone who made it possible -- Fae Desmond, Janet Goggins, Maryelizabeth Hart, Steve Lord, Katherine Morrison, Val Ontell, Tommy Goldbach, Robie Elrod, my con PA Olivia, and many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Spent a ton of time in the Special Guest area, visiting with fans and signing stacks of stuff. It was fun watching people get excited about what I'm doing with Loteria, and that was a theme throughout the weekend. I did an amazing Kickstarter panel brilliantly hosted by Craig Engler, and shared with Jane Espenson, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Brad 'Cheeks' Bell. I even won an Inkpot Award. :)

So many inspiring, insightful people, chats both driveby and extended -- Pierce Watters, Todd & Rita Lockwood, Cosmo Eisele, Dave Stevenson, Jason Felix, Donato Giancola, Stephen Martiniere, Chris Roberson, Allison Baker, Jennifer Heddle, Allen Spiegel, Charles Kochman, Ed Schlesinger, Colleen Lindsay, Diana Gill, Anne Groell, Anne Sowards, David Moench, Leigh Bardugo, Seanan Mcguire, Raya Golden, Joe Hill, Dave McKean, Dave Palumbo, Travis Lewis, Allen Williams, Carl Potts, Jimmy Palmiotti, Lee Whiteside, Sam Park, and again so many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

It was a joyous time, and even though it's been 22 years since my first Comic Con, and I've been a part of countless cons so far as a pro, there's still nothing quite like this event anywhere in the world.

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