Friday, January 19, 2007

My 2006 Published Works

In light of recent revisions to the Hugo nominating ballot, Irene Gallo offered a very sensible reminder. She suggested it's time for all professional artists to make it easier for anyone, Hugo voters or otherwise, to know which of an artist's works have appeared in a given year. Her intent is not for artists to campaign for awards, but for all of us to start organizing information more clearly and accessibly.

The WSFS Business Meeting at last year's Worldcon placed the onus of responsibility squarely on the individual artist, not the Hugo voter or anyone else, to make information regarding his/her own recent published work more readily available. So webmaster Steve McDaniel has placed on my website's front page a link labeled "See John Picacio's 2006 Published Work." Click it and you can scroll through an easy rundown of my sf/f art published in '06. Enjoy.


Blogger Diane said...

Hi John,
I came across some of your work at Barnes and Noble the other day. Congrats to you....all of your hard work has paid off. Last time I remember, you aspired to be a Architect. Take Care!! Diane

10:56 PM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Hi, Diane --

Thanks very much. I appreciate the kind thought! I guess it wasn't really that long ago that I was involved in architecture, but it sure seems like a long time ago....that field taught me a lot.

Hope you're doing well over there! :)

9:13 AM  

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