Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The 2007 British Fantasy Award Long List

This past weekend, I found out that I'm in consideration for this year's British Fantasy Award in the Artist category. The British Fantasy Society's "Long List", or Recommendation List, is floating around on various sites, so I guess it's officially public now. I saw it today over at Shocklines. Apparently, the BF Award in this category is given to an individual, but it has to be for a specific picture or work by that individual. I found out that the specific work responsible for my inclusion on the list, is my art book, COVER STORY: THE ART OF JOHN PICACIO. So that's great news. My understanding is that British Fantasy Society members now go vote, and that narrows the list down to a short list of finalists, which would constitute the official nominations, and then a winner comes from that list. So to any and all folks who put me on this list -- thank you. Much appreciated. Nice to be in the company of the following in the Artist category this year:

Ben Baldwin / Vincent Chong / Les Edwards / Velic Fahrija / Dean Harkness / Dominic Harman / Matthew Laznika / Zach McCain / Edward Miller / Jackie Morris / Harry O. Morris / Ted Naifeh / Larry Rostant

(By the way, if you're not quite sure what a British Fantasy Award looks like, wonder no more. Apparently, this is what one looks like circa 2003, courtesy of the Agony Column.)


Blogger Cheryl said...

Creepy little thing, isn't it. I accepted one on behalf of China once, and had to look after it for a few days until I could get it to him. They are quite heavy too. I could just imagine Poirot finding someone who had been murdered by being hit with one.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Opps, almost forgot, GOOD LUCK!

3:13 AM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Hi, Cheryl -- Thanks very much. Yeah, it sure is creepy. Surprised to hear I was even in consideration for this, and when I read the email, I couldn't picture in my mind what the award looked like. After looking it up, I realized I've seen it before, but it's utter freakiness must've mind-tricked me. :) At any rate, it's nice to even be considered.

7:11 AM  

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