Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FAST FORWARD 2 = 2008's Best SF Book!

So says Bookgasm. And note that they're not saying FF2 is the best sf anthology of '08, but the best book -- including novels, collections, anthos, everything. Wow. A stellar short list, compiled by Ryun Patterson. It feels like I blog every week about FF2, but the kudos for this book just keep coming. Congrats to Lou and the authors, once again!

Gentle note -- sf anthologies are notoriously poor sellers for any publishing house. I have no idea how well FF2 is selling, but if you haven't yet bought a copy, please consider doing so. Personally, I'm a fan of sf anthos, and if an excellent series like this is going to continue, then it's gotta sell. Rave reviews alone don't pay the bills. :)


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