Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SF Signal on FF2

Terrific review over at SF Signal for the sf antho FAST FORWARD 2, edited by Lou Anders. John DeNardo gives his story-by-story takes, and it's a really fun read. Wow, the FF2 juggernaut just keeps rolling, doesn't it? Congrats to Lou and all of the authors.

Recent raves for FF2:
Discover Magazine

And it's really fun to read the various critical takes on my cover art because frankly, cover art doesn't get reviewed (or even mentioned) in most reviews. 'Wish it did! So thanks to SF Signal, Bookgasm, SciFi Dimensions and Futurismic for the kind consideration. :)


Blogger Mair said...

"John Picacio’s ridiculously cool jet-legs-ape-in-front-of-rampaging-mob cover infers a story all its own" -
Gotta love that one! It would be rather cool to have someone write a story based on this art...You are right John - it is nice to see the covers reviewed...and to see them appreciate your talent...

9:00 AM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Thanks, Mair. Yeah, that was a nice line, wasn't it? :)

9:57 AM  

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