Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Twitter = Big Fail

So far at least. After much ballyhooing from friends, I joined Twitter yesterday. Bad move. For months I've heard "Twitter will change your life" and "humankind will never again be able to function without Twitter" (although I seemed to be just fine without it). So I join, and find that the system has such massive dysfunction that it can't even upload a tiny avatar picture properly. And apparently, Twitter's been having this ongoing problem for at least three consecutive months, and still can't get a grip. I'd normally blame myself and assume user error, but when I click the empty avatar box that has a question mark in it, I see my photo so I know it's in the system. It's Twitter's problem, not mine.

To add to the fun, I'm getting emails from friends saying that they know I'm on Twitter, but can't find me. And on top of that, after the initial photo upload failed and I couldn't get back into my page, I redid my password and created a new one, just to be sure. So now my account oscillates between recognizing and not recognizing two different passwords. Yeah -- Twitter sux in a big way.

If anyone knows an avatar fix, gimme a holler.


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