Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Can Be Yours

Wanna own this piece of Elric original art? You can! And you can help a very good cause, at the same time. Microvisions 2012 is happening right now. It’s an auction featuring original art by an annual roster of artists. I’m part of this year’s lineup, including Julie Bell, Dan Dos Santos, Peter De Seve, Rebecca Guay, Brian Despain, Scott Gustafson, Scott Bakal, Scott Brundage, Brian Despain, Nathan Fowkes, Chris Rahn and Terry Whitlatch. Each artwork measures 5”x 7”. The Elric artwork you see here is pencil on illustration board. Bids have been going on for a couple of days now, and the auction ends on May 6 at 7pm. For those that live in the NYC area, the originals are all on display at the Society of Illustrators. Don’t wait around – get in there and claim this one for yourself. Bid high! All proceeds go to a good cause! Good luck!


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