Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Loteria Grande Drawing Sale! (AKA "How to Score a Picacio Original for a Low Price")

My Loteria final pencil drawings have received a lot of buyer interest, which is great to see and very appreciated. That said, those drawings won't be for sale until well after all 54 Loteria works have been completed.

Here's good news though -- for one week only, starting today -- I'm offering Grande card-sized Loteria drawings for a bargain price. These are pencil drawings on Strathmore Bristol, and they measure 4.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall. Each is signed.

I'll be doing drawings of 'La Luna', 'La Rosa', and 'La Sirena', and they'll be first come, first serve. The sale will run from today until Wednesday, March 26 at 11:59pm CST. Here's an example of each.



Price is $105 per drawing for orders shipping within the continental US, and $115 each for orders shipping outside of the continental US. (Shipping costs included in price.)

If you've ever wanted to add a work of mine to your art collection, this is an excellent way to do so. Order yours here.


Will there be more than one drawing produced for each of these three icons?

A: Yes. If you order one of these drawings before March 26th, then you're guaranteed to get one of your very own, regardless of who orders before you.

Do people who order today receive their drawing before someone who orders later?

A: Yes. I'll fill the orders in the order of when they are received.

Will orders be allowed after March 26th, after 11:59pm CST?

A: No. Once this ordering period is done, then I'll focus on fulfilling the orders for all who reserved their drawing during the order period. If you're tight for cash between now and March 26th, let me know before the deadline, and I can try to reserve one for you, but I can't guarantee that I can do that in all cases.

Will I be the one doing all of these drawings, or is someone else drawing some of them?

A: I will be the one drawing all of these. These are not remarqued prints. Each original drawing will be created from scratch for each buyer. (My name's John Picacio, not Thomas Kinkade.)

Is 'La Sirena' going to be drawn in brown pencil?

A: No. That one will be drawn with the same tone as the other two, but for some reason, Blogger keeps imaging that with a brown tone, even though it's a Gray jpg, not RGB. Weird. Ignore the brown. It'll be shades of grey just like the others.

When will the drawings be shipped?

A: I expect to ship these out after Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 in May. So all buyers should be receiving theirs within the month of May. International orders tend to take a bit longer to arrive. Those who order early (especially those on the Lone Boy List) will likely receive theirs much sooner, but overall, expect yours in May.

Jump aboard. March 26th will be here before you know it! :)

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