Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fantasy: Worlds of Myth & Magic

The EMP Museum in Seattle is currently featuring a terrific exhibition called Fantasy: Worlds of Myth & Magic. If you love fantasy art, literature or film, it's a must-see.

One of my Elric of Melnibone preliminary drawings is on exhibit next to Michael Moorcock's prototype for Elric's legendary sword Stormbringer.

A couple of my artworks for the 2012 George R. R. Martin / A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE Calendar are represented, alongside a fabulous Hildebrandt painting here.

While you're at the EMP, check out the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit too.

One of my favorite details of the collection is this wall. Look closely and you'll see Yoda's walking stick as used by Frank Oz in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. That spiky sphere is the Kryptonian ship that launches Kal-El to Earth in 1978's SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. And yup, that's hanging next to one of the original suits that Christopher Reeve wore for the Superman movies. In the middle of all of that -- one of my cover artworks. This one is for Nancy Kress' classic BEGGARS IN SPAIN.

It's just a paperback with my art on it. No big deal.

But seeing it on a museum wall in the middle of iconic objects that defined my childhood (with Moebius and WATCHMEN on the wall, to boot)?

It was definitely a full-circle moment.

It reminded me how grateful I am to do what I do for a living, and it makes me want to do more, do better, and dream bigger.

A few more pics of characters, real and imaginary, that you might recognize from the Museum's collection:

If you plan to travel to the Pacific Northwest anytime soon, or if you'll be coming to Norwescon this year -- make sure you check it out!


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