Thursday, November 14, 2013

Approximately 3,987,548

Apologies in advance for the rounded math there, folks -- but I think that's the approximate number of times I tweeted, FBed, blogged, interviewed, pimped, mentioned, namedropped, and screamed from the rooftops about the 2014 John Picacio Calendar and its rewards, and the fact that they were exclusive to our 30-day Kickstarter Campaign. :)

Clearly stated that they would not be available anywhere else? Check.

Clearly stated that they would not be available in stores? Check.

Implored everyone every day to please come aboard and join our campaign before the 30 days expired?

And yet.

I've already handled scores of you AFTER the deadline expired today who are now asking how to purchase calendars and rewards. What happened, people? How did we miss each other?

The best I can do for you is this -- email us at info (at) lone-boy (dot) com. We'll put you on our list so that next time, you won't miss out on the news. If you're really wanting one of these 2014 calendars, let us know and if someone's credit card defaults and they depledge (happens to every campaign), then maybe a spot or two will open up. You never know. It's unlikely, but stranger things can happen.

Or if you prefer, you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and you won't miss one of the 3,987,548 times that I share the news of the next exclusive offering on those conduits.

You can't say that we didn't try. :)


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