Monday, August 26, 2013

My Dragon Con & LoneStarCon3 Schedule

Two conventions separated by 1000 miles in one weekend?
No problem.

This weekend, I'll be attending both Dragon Con and the World Science Fiction Convention (AKA LoneStarCon3 AKA Worldcon). I'll be bearing gifts -- come get your free deluxe Loteria art cards at selected panels and presentations at both cons. :) (See above.)

And -- here's my full public itinerary. See you there!


Branded: How SF/F Creators Have Built Their Own Brands
Friday / 11:30am
International North - Hyatt

John Picacio, William Stout, Larry Elmore

Top artists share their entrepreneurial strategies on how they create career sustainability on their own terms and how you can do it too.


Kickstarter 101
Friday / 1 pm
Crystal Ballroom - Hilton

John Picacio, Jason Bulmahn, Eloy Lasanta, Clint Black, Chris Avellone

Expert authors and designers discuss Kickstarter in gaming. Find out how to start your own and how it all works.



Pencils, Paints, and Pixels
Sunday / 10 am
Convention Center - 101B

Richard Hescox, John Picacio, Phil Foglio

Three professional artists will each present two or three finished professional artworks and describe the process of creating them from start to finish. Along the way they will share ideas about their craft.


Creating Art for Card Games
Sunday / 12 noon
Convention Center - 204B

John Picacio (M), Jon Schindehette, Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio

How does creating art for card games differ from other professional art jobs? Who are some of the best card artists out there right now, and what companies and games are producing some of the best card art? What's the future of this publishing market for artists and art directors?


Who Painted That!
Sunday / 1pm
Convention Center - 008A

Mark L. Olson, Karen Haber, Lou Anders, Joe Siclari, John Picacio

How can you tell who the artist is? Ever look at a book and wonder who painted that wonderful/awful cover? Artists and collectors reveal how you can tell.


The Future of SF/F Art in a New Publishing Landscape
Sunday / 3pm
Convention Center - 006B

John Picacio (M), Maurine Starkey, Mitchell Bentley

What is the future of the artist in science fiction and fantasy? The present and future of traditional and digital publishing is constantly and rapidly evolving in SF/F. Publishers have disappeared. Others have merged. Smaller ones have arisen. What are the implications for the visual arts in SF/F? Can SF/F artists still make a living working in the SF/F publishing field? Are artists migrating elsewhere for their livelihoods? Pro artists will discuss how they've evolved with the latest changes in publishing, creating new revenue streams and new art opportunities for themselves.


The Frontier of Imagination: The Future of SF/F
Monday / 11am
Convention Center - 008B

John Berlyne (M), Tom Doherty, Ginjer Buchanan, Toni Weisskopf, John Picacio


Artistic Dreams
Monday / 12 noon
Convention Center - 204B

John Picacio (M), Jon Schindehette, Irene Gallo

Some of our favorite creators talk about their dream projects.


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Congratulations on another well-deserved Hugo!

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Blogger John Picacio said...

Thank you, Howard! :)

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