Thursday, November 07, 2013


There are barely SEVEN(!!) days remaining to score a 2014 John Picacio Calendar, and begin collecting your very own giant Mexican Tarot cards (AKA 'Grandes').

After November 14th?

You're out of luck. :(

They won't be available in any retail outlet or via any online dealer. Lone Boy will print as many as are ordered. We'll spend the holiday season fulfilling orders for all of our backers.

Where do you get your calendars and rewards?

Exclusively, and nowhere else but here.

One of the toughest parts about running last year's Kickstarter campaign was saying 'no' to all of the people who come looking to buy calendars AFTER the campaign is over. Time will be of the essence this year because we'll be too busy fulfilling orders for holiday giftgiving, and I'll be busy working on new art to complete an entire 54-card Loteria deck by the end of 2014. One of the reasons I'm using Kickstarter to share these calendars and collectibles is because it provides a simple way of managing preorders. We're using that to make sure we print just enough of this item, within budget, as we did last year. Once the campaign is over, that preorder system is closed, and I'm unable to add anyone to the funding number.

I've seen last year's calendar selling on the collectible market for up to $100. I suspect the 2014 Calendar will have similar collectibility down the road -- and the Grande Loteria cards? THOSE collectibles are going to be very hard for non-Kickstarter backers to acquire.

Jump aboard today! :)


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