Friday, October 25, 2013


Have you ever wanted to be immortalized as a work of art? Or have you ever wanted to immortalize someone you love as one?

At the bottom of the Rewards sidebar on the Kickstarter page, there is a reward level called "Loteria Legend". In addition to calendars, original art, Grande Loteria cards, and other goodies, you receive a very unique opportunity -- the chance to model for an forthcoming Loteria artwork created by me. This final artwork will be a part of the 54-card Loteria deck and game that will be published by Lone Boy.

This original new illustrated artwork will be inspired by photographs of you, or the person of your choice. The opportunity includes exclusive initial consultation with me, and it's a very rare opportunity to not only be a part of the making of a piece of published art, but to immortalize yourself, or someone you love, as a piece of artwork for all to see.

See the big "La Sirena" pictured above, on the right, framed in black? That's the first of my 54 Loteria cards. I'm planning to make this entire Loteria deck one of the finest works of my career to date. The first Grande versions of these cards can be yours as part of the rewards in my current Kickstarter campaign.

So what are the card icons that you can become? Here's a list:

El Gallo – The Rooster
La Dama – The Lady
El Catrin – The Gentleman
El Melon – The Melon
El Valiente – The Brave One
El Gorrito – The Bonnet
La Bandera – The Flag
El Bandolon – The Mandolin
El Pajaro – The Bird
La Mano – The Hand
El Cotorro – The Parrot
El Borracho – The Drunk One
El Negrito – The Dark One (Changing this from a racial reference to a magical thing)
El Tambor – The Drum
El Musico –The Musician
El Soldado – The Soldier
El Apache – The Apache
La Campana – The Bell
El Cantarito – The Water Pitcher
La Chalupa – The Canoe

If you want to discuss, please drop me a comment below, and we can chat here, or offline via email. It would be a blast to have you as a part of one of the major works of my life.

And even if you don't have 2K handy -- jump aboard the campaign at one of the other levels, and score yourself some great rewards. Be amongst the first to build a unique collection of Grande Loteria cards, unlike any the world has seen.


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