Saturday, November 09, 2013


We've all seen famous and not so-famous people glorified and celebrated in paintings, statues and artwork throughout history and pop culture.

Why shouldn't one of those people be you? Or someone you love?

I'm offering that opportunity for the next four days in my 2014 John Picacio Calendar Kickstarter. Check out the Loteria Legend level.

You, or a consenting someone that you select, receives the opportunity to model for one of my 54 Loteria card artworks, and will be immortalized forever as a piece of art. We'll have fun discussing choices, and then I'll utilize their likeness for reference and incorporate them into a unique drawn and painted mixed-media Loteria artwork to be included in the final game deck.

The buyer also receives:

• An original 6" x 9" pencil sketch of the artwork
• One 17" x 22" archival print of the final artwork
• Your name printed on your birthday in the printed version of the 2014 Calendar
• Five signed 12" x 12" 2014 John Picacio Calendars
• Five Grande 'La Sirena' Loteria cards
• Five signed 2014 John Picacio Calendar sketchbooks
• One signed pencil
• One remarque (a small, simple drawing of a Loteria icon of the artist's choosing)

Free shipping within the continental USA. For international destinations -- please add $25 for shipping.

Have a look at the selections pictured above and see which ones strike your fancy. These are the ones available for this opportunity. There are other Loteria cards available that are not shown because I have ideas for them. However, if you have a particular passion for a card not-shown, please feel free to inquire and let's discuss availability and possibilities.

Opportunities like this do not occur often in life. I'm asked all the time to take on a private commission, and this is one way to fulfill some of those inquiries via the conduit of a major passion project. A win-win!

PLEASE NOTE though -- the campaign is over this Thursday, November 14th at 11:58pm, and with it, so is this opportunity! Inquire today. Reserve your place in art immortality. :)


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