Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"We've got a good show for you tonight..."

This just in -- I'll be the Master of Ceremonies for this year's International Horror Guild Awards. The big night happens Thursday, November 2nd at the World Fantasy Convention in Austin, Texas. Should be a very fun evening and I can promise only that I'll keep the festivities brisk and punchy. I suspect I'll have no agonizing monologues to offer, and most likely no tedious off-Broadway efforts between categories. I suspect chest-grabbing won't be part of my routine either. If you don't know what the last sentence means, you're better off. Trust me.

We'll have a few laughs; watch some very worthy folks be recognized; dole out some hardware; and then go consume lots of celebratory beverages at the bar immediately thereafter. Sound like a plan? Cool. Be there! And check out the IHG site for a full rundown of this year's nominees, as well as the World Fantasy Convention site for further details.


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