Friday, February 13, 2009

DROOD Limited: Almost Sold Out!!

Wow, Subterranean Press has announced that the limited edition of Dan Simmons' DROOD will be sold out upon publication. Amazing! What a testament to Dan's writing and popularity that an $80 limited edition of his latest novel will be a complete sell-out despite the wretched economic times we live in. Congrats to Dan and to Subterranean Press on yet another big success. I'm really thrilled to see the trade edition of Dan's book in stores (published by Little, Brown) and it's not only selling well, but the reviews are ravingly fabulous (deservedly so)!! Way to go, Dan. And if you need a copy of the DROOD limited edition, and haven't ordered one yet -- there's still hope. Subterranean says the best way to get one is to order directly from them, but apparently retailers and distributors' orders were overwhelming, so they had to cut those down in order to have a few left to sell directly. If you want one, you might want to do it very soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The single determining factor for me to buy the Subterranean Press version over the standard edition was the cover art. It's simply fantastic. Great job.

12:02 PM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Thanks a bunch. Very kind of you! :)

7:09 PM  

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