Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MileHiCon 41 Wrapup

Thanks to everyone at MileHiCon 41 for a terrific time! I went straight from there to the World Fantasy Con so I'm only now getting to blog about it. I was Artist Guest of Honor over the weekend of October 23-25 and the MHC folks know how to put on a first class show. Artists -- if you ever see Bruce Miller as the Art Show Director for a show, you're in good hands. Along with Randy Cleary, he's one of the most efficient show directors I've ever seen. Besides running great art shows, they're great with details such as paying the artists on-site for their art show sales rather than having them wait weeks for payment. :)

MileHiCon has outstanding programming, terrific fans, and great costumes. I had a great time with folks such as Paolo Bacigalupi, Nancy Hightower, Mario Acevedo, Nancy Kress, Jack Skillingstead, Marc Gunn, Kelli Meyer, Corry Lee, Carrie Vaughn, Brandon Sanderson, the Lickiss family and many more. The con com was terrific. Special shoutouts to Linda Nelson, Rose Beetem, Cheryl Sundseth, and especially Ryan Marshall for taking great care of all of the GoHs. I was proud to be a part of the effort, and now I know why this is one of the most well-regarded regional sf cons in the country.


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