Monday, April 19, 2010

Good news from SPECTRUM 17

SPECTRUM 17: THE BEST IN CONTEMPORARY FANTASTIC ART last month announced its list of artists selected for inclusion in the forthcoming annual. SPECTRUM is a much-anticipated, juried volume compiling the finest works from the worlds of books, comics, advertising, editorial, 3D and concept art in the previous year. This weekend, I was notified that two of my 2009 works were selected. They are my cover illustration for Mark Chadbourn's AGE OF MISRULE: BOOK 1 -- WORLD'S END (pictured here), and my cover illustration for James Dashner's THE 13TH REALITY: THE JOURNAL OF CURIOUS LETTERS.

Lou Anders was the art director for the MISRULE illustration and I thank him for once again being a superlative collaborator, allowing the room to roam and find this image. Lisa Vega was the designer that commissioned THE 13TH REALITY illustration. I'm especially gratified the SPECTRUM jury selected this one. THE 13TH REALITY: THE JOURNAL OF CURIOUS LETTERS released last year in paperback, and the publisher rejected this image in favor of a much less potent, color version of the artwork for publication. I'll be pleased when my preferred version debuts in SPECTRUM's pages this November.


Blogger Mark Teppo said...

I went out and looked for The 13th Reality a while back, and could barely find it on the shelf for all the reasons you can imagine. That b/w & red cover still rocks. Congratulations on having it included in Spectrum.

11:08 AM  
Blogger ces said...

I also much prefer the b&w cover! congrats! The Spectrum jury made good choices!

10:50 AM  
Blogger Mizz Minton said...

Awesome! Jakob thinks this is awesome, too!

3:39 PM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Hi, folks --

Sorry I've been away from my own blog for a bit.

My pal Paul Vaughn is currently redesigning my website and blog so that they're more user-friendly. Feels like a house under renovation right now. Need to get him some feedback so he can keep going on it, amidst the oncoming deadlines here....

Mark -- Thx very much! 'Appreciate the feedback!

Christine -- Missed saying 'hi' to you for a while now. Thx to you too. I appreciate it. :)

Amy -- It's a team win. :)

10:29 AM  

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