Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Agony Column

Rick Kleffel has posted a brief interview with me over at The Agony Column. If you're not already a regular visitor there, definitely check it out. I'm not sure how Rick keeps his fingers on the pulse of everything in literary sf/f, but he does. His site's diverse, it's informative, and it's a must-visit on my bookmark list every day or so.

The interview was conducted shortly after the release of COVER STORY: THE ART OF JOHN PICACIO back in May/June. With that in mind, a couple of quick addendums: I mentioned that I was doing a cover for a new edition of Robert Silverberg's SON OF MAN from Pyr. Pyr has pushed back that release for now, so I'll return to that work when they're ready. Just a bit of schedule-shuffling, so the release is a matter of "when," not "if". I also mentioned in the interview that I was sketching the cover for Chris Roberson's forthcoming X-MEN: THE RETURN. The finished art is pictured here if you haven't seen it already, and the finished mass market paperback releases from Simon & Schuster/Pocket in May 2007.


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