Sunday, June 10, 2007


Most of the time when I post here, I'm blogging about covers that I've done, or the books they represent. Not the case with the cover you see on your left. Next Saturday, I'll have the honor of commemorating Ed Emshwiller's induction into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle. I'll be presenting his posthumous award, as he's inducted that evening along with Gene Wolfe, Gene Roddenberry and Ridley Scott. Serious artillery there!

I suspect most sf/fantasy fans have at least a glancing knowledge of Wolfe, Roddenberry, and Scott. However, some may know very little about Ed Emshwiller's work. A shame, but if so, here's some great news. Luis Ortiz has put together a stunning book called EMSHWILLER INFINITY X TWO: THE ART AND LIFE OF ED AND CAROL EMSHWILLER (Nonstop Press). Introductions are by Carol Emshwiller and Alex Eisenstein. Packed with a lifetime of Emsh's art and personal photos of the Emshwillers, it's a riveting bio of their lives and times. I highly, highly recommend it. On the surface, it would seem that Emsh's career as a Hugo Award-winning illustrator (five-time Hugo Award winner, in fact) was very different from his career as a pioneering experimental filmmaker. However, the two were very much born of the same brew of technical fascination, intuitive genius, and sheer vision. Emsh was an artist, if there ever was one. My hat's off to Ortiz for his diligent research and thoroughness. Carol offers balance and perspective, and the whole package presents a very inspiring account of two artists' shared lives. Bud Plant Comic Art has copies right now. So does DreamHaven Books. If you're at all interested in the creation of art, this book's a real treasure.


Anonymous Scott Cupp said...

Hey, man. The book looks fascinating. I am sure I will be getting it. Have a great time in Seattle and induct Emschwiller into the Hall. Then get back to work.

7:29 AM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Thanks, Scott. Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner. I was rushing to get out to Seattle at that moment....sure was a great weekend! :)

3:10 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

John-I was one of the "fighters" for Emsh, part of the jury for the HOF inductees. There was alot of go-back-and-forth and it came down to two guys and, we went with Emsh who I think is so sadly overlooked in our modern world of SF art. It was a good day.

12:01 PM  
Blogger John Picacio said...

Hey, Bob --

I didn't know that. I'm glad Emsh had folks like you fighting for him. He belongs in that club. Someday you and Whelan are gonna be in there too. Wish Emsh were here today to see that he made it. It would be great to see these guys in there someday....Richard Powers, John Berkey, Paul Lehr, and Vincent Di Fate. I hear Berkey's health has been rough in recent years. It would be neat to see him inducted, so he could perhaps savor the moment...

1:52 PM  

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