Monday, October 22, 2007

World Fantasy Con Schedule

The World Fantasy Con schedule has been posted. Here's where I'll be:

Thursday, Nov. 1 at 9pm: International Horror Guild Awards / City Center C -- I'm not only a nominee for this year's awards, but I'm the Master of Ceremonies for the second year in a row. Glad to see the IHGgys liked me enough last year to invite me to MC this year, but I had one condition this time -- that I not have to present the Artist category, which is the one I'm nominated. Thankfully, that won't be a problem.

Friday, Nov. 2 at 2pm: How A Cover Is Chosen / City Center A -- (Panelists: Irene Gallo (m) / Jacob Weisman / Lou Anders / Tom Kidd / John Picacio)

Friday, Nov. 2 at 8pm: Mass Autographing -- I don't think I'll be there for all 3 hours of it, but I'll be there for a while.

Saturday, Nov. 3 at 9pm: Artist Reception -- self-explanatory

Sunday, Nov. 4 at 1pm: World Fantasy Awards Banquet -- I'm a nominee for this year's World Fantasy Award in the Artist category, along with Shaun Tan, Jon Foster, Jill Thompson, and Edward Miller. Should be a blast.

If we don't cross paths at these, you'll very likely find me in the Art Show, where I'll have plenty of work on display, or at the Saratoga Hotel bar. Don't be a stranger.


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