Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Metatemporally Speaking...

Here's a look at the full wraparound jacket for Michael Moorcock's forthcoming THE METATEMPORAL DETECTIVE from Pyr. Front cover illustration and design by me, as well as spine art, and the overall jacket design is by Nicole Lecht. Pyr's latest newsletter features a few words from me about the book. It's available to anyone who registers at their site. However, here's a brief excerpt: "I originally wanted to paint [Seaton Begg's companion] Taffy Sinclair on the cover too, but I designed the cover type as well, and I realized there was a balance between the picture and the words, and Taffy was upsetting that. I was refining the illustration and designing the type simultaneously, and I realized that Taffy was gonna get lost in the type so regretfully, he had to go. Even better, Mike was at my wedding in March and he was with me in the green room about ten minutes before I was gonna be married. So we're talking about the progress rough of the cover, and he said that he really dug it, but wished it had a female presence somewhere. It sure seemed like a sensible request since Rose Von Bek appears, but I couldn't figure out how to work her in without destroying the composition. I think Lou Anders was the one that said, 'What if she shows up on the spine?' So that sparked my solution for the spine and that separate piece of art wraps around partially to the back cover. So Rose is staring at the audience when the book sits spine-out on the shelf, which I think is very nice. If you're a fan of Moorcock and the Multiverse, you're gonna love this. Can't wait until Halloween when this hits the shelves."


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