Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Denvention/Worldcon Schedule

This show is coming FAST, and I'm racing to get things finished before it arrives. Here's where you can find me, as well as in the Art Show from time to time. Question: anyone know which hotel bar will be the place-to-be this year? I'm guessing the Hyatt Regency?


33 Cover Art in the Internet Age

"Don't judge a book by its cover." How does this maxim
work in the internet age when books are sold online (with
small images of the cover), or even more so in e-books.
(John Picacio (m) / Laura Givens / Lou Anders)
2:30pm / CCC Korbel 4CD


124 Autographing (75 minutes) -- John Picacio,
Kevin Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Wil McCarthy
11:30am / CCC Hall D


Stroll with the Stars

9am / Meet at CCC near the Big Blue Bear (A Lobby)

Signing at the Asimov's Table
11am / Exhibit Hall

Pyr Party
8pm-11pm / Sheraton Party Floor / Room TBA at the 5:30 Pyr Panel Friday


452 The Art of John Picacio
Hugo finalist John Picacio presents a slideshow of his recent and upcoming sf/fantasy illustrations, as well as the process and thoughts that created them
10am / CCC Room 507

503 Cover Art and Culture:
Selling to Readers in the UK and the US

Publishers put different covers on the same novel to sell it
in the US or the UK. Panelists show examples and discuss why
this really seems to work. (Beth Meacham (m), Bob Eggleton,
John Picacio, Stephen Segal)
1pm / CCC Korbel 1C

Hugo Awards Ceremony

7:30pm / Wells Fargo Theatre / CCC


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