Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 2013 John Picacio Calendar

2013 is gonna be here in just barely more than two months from now. How the heck did 2012 fly by so fast??

Good news to share -- I've created a new publishing imprint for my art and creative ventures. It's called Lone Boy and our first venture is a 2013 John Picacio Calendar that will collect twelve of the best cover artworks from my career.

Want one? You'll be able to get yours exclusively via Kickstarter, starting Monday, October 29th through Tuesday, November 27th.

I'll post the link on this blog, and on Facebook and Twitter as soon as it goes live.

We'll have signed prints and unique exclusive opportunities available as well. Our Kickstarter funding goal will be $12,000. If we hit that goal, the calendar becomes a printed reality.

If you've never visited Kickstarter's website, please do. You'll need to create a registration there in order to pledge for a calendar when the page goes live. So if you're new to Kickstarter, you might as well do that in advance?

And maybe just as importantly -- please spread the word and let folks know because this Kickstarter campaign will be gone in a flash, and this will be the only way to purchase this 2013 Calendar. :)

Can't wait for Monday! Here's a sneak peek at the January calendar layout. More previews coming soon.


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I liked your Big Idea piece - you rock!

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