Friday, April 25, 2014

Thank you, NWC 37!

Belated post here. It's been a crazy week after returning home from Norwescon 37 in Seattle. Thanks to all who were there and made it happen!

So much good to say and so few minutes, but highlights included:

• LOTERIA!! That was the biggest game of Loteria I've ever experienced! So much fun. Thanks to all who came out and played. Very cool to have Linda and Mike Moorcock show up too. You're next, Corecon!!

• THE ART OF ELRIC: Great times doing this with Mike Moorcock and Robert Gould. We could've filled twice the room, and twice the time allotted, and still had rubber to burn. So much amazing art over Elric's history, and I never get tired of hearing Mike's stories.

• TOURING THE EMP: Thank you to Jacob McMurray for taking the Moorcocks, Tara Smith, Pierce Watters, Berry Sizemore, and me on a VIP tour of the Experience Music Project Museum. Enjoyed being there to see Mike view Stormbringer enshrined for display for the first time, and witnessing his Hall of Fame plaque. The EMP is a world-class facility and I'm honored to have some of my work as a part of their "Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic" exhibit.

• THE 2014 HUGO AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT: Was happy to be present watching the live announcement from the UK, with a room full of people at Norwescon. Honored to be a 2014 Hugo nominee and again, huge congrats to all on the ballot!

Norwescon is one of my favorite cons, and the people that run it are terrific, and know what they're doing. It's a well-oiled machine. My hat's off to all of them!

Best of times with Lee Moyer, Venetia Charles, Brooks Peck, Robert Gould, Todd Lockwood, Leslie Howle, Rob and Peggy Stewart, Doug and Pat Booze, Jack Skillingstead, Nancy Kress, William Sadorus, Shawn & Katrina Marier, Stina Leicht, Kat Richardson, Spring Schoenhuth, Dave Gallaher, Michael Hanscom, Mike Selinker, Wolfgang Baur, Don Glover, Jeff Sturgeon, Ian Campbell, Duane Wilkins, Art Boulton, and so many more. This list could at least be four times as long.

Special thanks to Tara Smith and Pierce Watters, for being amazing.

It was a terrific con. I love Seattle. I love Norwescon, and thank you to all who always make me feel welcome there.


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Thank you for attending! It was great to see you!

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