Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yup. As of today, we have only seven short days remaining, before the Kickstarter campaign for my 2013 Calendar is officially over on Wednesday, November 28th at 12 noon. I've noticed many folks waiting until this Kickstarter is over so they can buy this calendar in stores. Not good -- this Kickstarter drive is the ONLY way to get this calendar. So if you miss out now, then you very likely will miss out on this calendar altogether -- and the bonus rewards that potentially come with it. The Kickstarter is the way to go. Please spread the word.

What does this Kickstarter drive have for you?

1) You score a unique collectible wall calendar, and because the item isn't being store distributed, you'll own something that store buyers won't.

2) One of the reasons for this -- we'll be rushing to focus on getting all Kickstarter orders out in the attempt to deliver by Xmas to as many folks as possible. Because of the compressed timeline, there won't be time to market these beyond the Kickstarter. And before you know it -- bang -- it'll be January 1, 2013. So the Kickstarter really IS the way to be sure you get these items before the holidays.

3) You need Xmas gift-giving ideas? These calendars can make a lot of your coolest art and book-loving friends happy, with one click of a button. If you have an Amazon account, you're good to go. :)

4) We have prints, original artwork and unique opportunities available in addition to the calendars, including the opportunity for you to become a piece of published sf/f art. Yes -- you! And please note that the $40 level scores you a signed calendar, an archival print of the cover art, free worldwide shipping -- AND if we achieve the 20K mark, you'll get a free 12-page bonus sketchbook. A pretty darn good deal, when you need to stretch your dollars.

5) We're currently less than $600 short of 18K! If we achieve that mark, one lucky Kickstarter backer will win this drawing, absolutely free -- and that could be you. Let's try to make this happen ASAP, folks -- so that we can give away another drawing at 20K, on top of unlocking more rewards for you.

6) You can also have your birthday printed in the calendar, which means you can actually attempt to claim your birthday as a federal holiday to your employer. (Successful results may vary.)

7) And the best thing? You'll earn karma and good favor from our celebrity endorser, Samantha The Great -- and the Power of the Pink Trike will be on your side in The Eternal Struggle Between Good vs. Evil. Let's make it happen, folks.


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