Sunday, August 06, 2006

Austin Gorum and a Few Congrats...

Two things:
1. Photographer Austin Gorum took this impromptu photograph of me at San Diego Comic-Con, and he recently sent me a copy of it. The funny thing is that I first stumbled upon it in a gallery of photographs of Hollywood folks over at Wireimage, in an array with Hilary Swank, Edward James Olmos, Bryan Singer, Lucy Lawless, and Snoop Dogg. Strange. But cool!

2. The 2006 World Fantasy Award nominations were announced this weekend. Congrats to all of the nominees, but especially to Chris Roberson, Lou Anders, and Jess Nevins for their first nominations. I'm really thrilled for these guys to be recognized. Also, congrats to all of the nominees in the Artist category this year -- Kinuko Craft, James Jean, Dave McKean, Les Edwards, and John Jude Palencar. World Fantasy Awards rules dictate that previous year's winners are ineligible the following year in the Artist category, so I was out of the running this year since I won last year. I guess if there's a reason to be left out, that's the reason everyone wants, right? So I get to kick back and root for my friends this year. In the Artist category, I think all of the nominees are phenomenal. Kinuko is wonderful, and it seems odd that she's not a World Fantasy Award winner yet. James Jean is a first-timer, and he'll no doubt be back again. McKean won back in 1991. Les Edwards' work in his Edward Miller persona always knocks me out. However, deep down, I hope that John Jude Palencar gets the nod this year. He's been nominated for this award many times, but never won, and I think his stellar contributions to fantasy book covers over the last decade should be finally recognized. I'd love to see him added to the roster of World Fantasy Award winners. Good luck to all.


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