Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Worldcon 2008 Photos

TURNABOUT INTRUDER: Paolo Baciagalupi and Irene Gallo trade places for a night; Paolo claims to have told several unsuspecting authors just how bad their covers really are, while Irene cheerfully let everyone know that their tawdry lives were nothing more than a capitalistic charade

GOOD TIMES AT THE HARPERCOLLINS/EOS PARTY (l to r): Traci Picacio; Eos executive editor and hostess supreme Diana Gill; Jude Feldman

MORE EOS GOOD TIMES (l to r): Jack Skillingstead; Nancy Kress; Ellen Datlow; Sheila Williams

PYR'S PARTY ROCKED (l to r): L.E. Modesitt, Jr. and Lou Anders at the Pyr Party celebrating Ian McDonald's Hugo nomination for Best Novel with BRASYL

CHILLIN' AT THE PYR PARTY (l to r): Caroline Symcox; Paul Cornell; George Mann (back); Carsten Polzin

LET THEM EAT ART: My cover illustration for the new issue of ASIMOV'S gets the chocolate treatment at the ASIMOV'S party

HUGO NIGHT: In the green room, before the Hugo Awards (l to r) -- Yours truly; Traci Picacio; Hugo finalist Lou Anders; Caroline Symcox; Hugo finalist Paul Cornell

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROC: Penguin's Ace/Roc editor supreme (and Hugo finalist) Ginjer Buchanan (far left) represents in style at the post-Hugos festivities, along with Farah Mendelsohn and Traci Picacio


Blogger ces said...

The photos are wonderful, and it's so nice that they have such detailed captions. Lou looks really good in lavendar!

And Traci looks not only beautiful, but very happy.

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