Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ASFA's 2007 Chesley Awards Suggestions List

The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA)'s 2007 Chesley Awards Suggestions List is here. The awards will be handed out in Yokohama, Japan at this year's Worldcon.

Thrilled to see Lou Anders of Pyr listed amongst the possible contenders for Best Art Director, along with Irene Gallo of Tor Books and Matt Adelsperger of Wizards of the Coast. Lou's job title at Pyr is "Editorial Director," but he sheperds the cover art process as well and from the get-go, he's developed a diverse and provocative lineup of cover art for Pyr. Very glad to see him getting some acknowledgement in this department.

Two of my cover illustrations are included on this year's list. In the Best Cover Illustration -- Paperback Book category, there's my cover for Walter M. Miller, Jr.'s classic A CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWITZ (Eos).

And in the Best Cover Illustration -- Magazine category, there's my cover for INTERZONE #204 (May/June 2006).

Overall, some outstanding work in all of the Chesley categories this year! Check it out.


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